How the Spine May Impact Infertility in Snellville GA

How the Spine May Impact Infertility in Snellville GA

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No matter the form it takes, infertility in Snellville GA can be a devastating condition for millions of individuals and couples in the United States each year. The inability to get pregnant and to stay pregnant can cause heartache and grief for many families and leave them searching for answers – many of which are grueling and expensive. For those who want to pursue non-invasive options first, chiropractic care places a focus on the spine and can be one way of improving the body’s fertility and increasing the chances of bringing home a baby.

The Root of Infertility in Snellville GA

When it comes to the cause of infertility, there are a range of reasons the problem can arise. These are fairly equally distributed between three areas:

  • Women’s reproductive health issues, including thyroid problems, hormonal imbalances, ovulation irregularities, and cysts.
  • Men’s reproductive health issues, including sperm transport disorder, gonad disorders, and pituitary disorders.
  • Some combination of men’s and women’s issues, or an unidentified cause.

Each of these causes has its own research and roots, but regardless of the diagnosis behind infertility, it can be difficult to treat. Conception and pregnancy have many moving parts and it is critical that each person involved has a body that is functioning optimally and in a healthy state to move forward in the journey.

The Spine and Reproductive Health

Every process in the body, including things like conception and pregnancy, is controlled by messages sent through the body and through the spinal cord. When there is any disruption to this communication, it can impact the body’s natural processes. Something that seems simple, like a single shift in a vertebrae or small pulled muscle, can place additional pressure on the spinal cord and cause dysfunction that cascades throughout the body and into the reproductive system. Misalignments in the lower back specifically have been tied to reproductive dysfunction, which is where Dr. Dionne Anderson comes in.

By performing gentle and specific adjustments, a Snellville chiropractor will be able to restore proper alignment to the spine and, in turn, allow the body to function optimally. This alignment allows the body to properly communicate and can restore natural processes. Reproductive concerns, including irregular menstrual cycles, PMS, PMSS, and infertility, have been improved through regular chiropractic care in a range of cases.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

Chiropractors may also be able to help with lifestyle adjustments and recommendations that can contribute to fertility. For example, focusing on a healthy diet can improve egg quality or sperm efficacy, alongside other health benefits. By taking this approach, a chiropractor can address a range of concerns all at once, without the use of medication or surgeries.

Whether you are experiencing infertility or want to be proactive about your reproductive health, a visit to Hand and Heart Chiropractic is the first step. We will work with you to discuss your goals and determine what spinal misalignments may be contributing to your concerns, then we’ll develop a personalized care plan to help address them. Contact us today for your first appointment!


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