Feeling versus Function: What It Means and Why It Matters in Snellville GA

Feeling versus Function: What It Means and Why It Matters in Snellville GA

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So much of our world and so many of our decisions are based on how we feel in Snellville GA.

What do you feel like eating for dinner?
What do you feel like doing this weekend?
How did that situation make you feel?
How do you feel about moving forward with that decision?

Even when it comes to our health, we’re primarily concerned with how we feel. If we feel great, we assume everything’s fine and we simply live our lives with that assumption. But how we feel isn’t the same as how we’re functioning, and the latter of the two is actually far more important.

Feelings Are Unreliable in Snellville GA

You probably already know that feelings are unreliable, but why does that matter when it comes to our health? Well, if you feel fine, you are fine. Right? Not exactly. People often feel totally fine and have routine bloodwork done and then find out things are absolutely not fine. This is a really unfortunate situation, but it happens far more than we probably realize.

How you feel is not a solid indicator of how healthy you are, and it’s certainly not a good indicator of how well your body is functioning. Feelings are unreliable and simply feeling good is not enough. In fact, our central nervous systems have only a small number of sensory nerves that can perceive pain.

Why Your Chiropractor Cares More About Function

Here at Hand and Heart Chiropractic, Dr. Dionne Anderson wants you to feel good. She wants to reduce your pain, improve your comfort levels, and better your life. But more than any of that, she wants your body’s function to improve. How your body is functioning is the key to every system working together well and improving your overall health.

Dr. Anderson will always address your pain because we know that’s often what brings you into the office. But more than treating just your symptoms, we aim to get to the root cause of that pain, and we work to correct the issue from the inside out. We want to figure out what is bringing about the pain and improve the situation by starting at the source.

Additionally, we know that treating only the symptoms is not a long-term solution. It’s a temporary fix and won’t actually bring improved function or better health. If we are focused solely on feeling, we would recommend a painkiller that can get rid of the pain, and we’d all move on with our lives. But that’s not going to actually fix anything. It removes the bad feeling but doesn’t improve the function of your body. The problem is still there—you just don’t feel it anymore.

Neurologically-Based Chiropractic Care Improves Function

We want to help your body function better as a whole. Not only will this help you achieve actual true health, but it will also naturally reduce your pain. The central nervous system is the foundation of how your body functions, so it needs to be cared for and attended to by your local Snellville chiropractor. Dr. Anderson will adjust your spine to ensure proper alignment, reducing interference in the nervous system and bringing about optimal function across all the body’s systems and processes. Contact the team at Hand and Heart Chiropractic today to learn more about chiropractic care, feeling versus function, and how regular adjustments can help you.


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