Chiropractic Care in Snellville GA Can Help Resolve Bedwetting

Chiropractic Care in Snellville GA Can Help Resolve Bedwetting

Chiropractic Care in Snellville GA Can Help Resolve Bedwetting

Trouble With Bedwetting in Snellville GA?

Bedwetting, also known as nocturnal enuresis, is common in young children learning to potty train. However, as children get older, some may still have issues with wetting the bed. This can be an embarrassing situation as they start to socialize more with other children and have slumber parties or sleepovers. Oftentimes, parents will consult their family doctor for recommendations on how to resolve the bedwetting problem, since it can be a frustrating issue for both children and their parents. Most people may not realize that bedwetting can be an issue linked to misalignments in the spine. So before you consider an invasive medical procedure or give your child medications that come with side effects, schedule a consultation with Snellville chiropractor Dr. Dionne Anderson to find out if chiropractic care may help resolve your child’s bedwetting in Snellville GA.

What Causes Bedwetting?

The spine houses the nerves that control the communication between the brain and the rest of the body, also known as the nervous system. When the spine is misaligned, it can lead to interrupted communication within the body. Since the nerves control the entire excretory system in the lower spine, any misalignment can affect the urinary and bowel systems. Dr. Dionne Anderson can examine the spine looking for any misalignments that may be contributing to the nocturnal enuresis. She will then gently adjust the spine, correcting any misalignments. Chiropractic adjustments at Hand and Heart Chiropractic in Snellville are a natural and safe way to reduce or resolve bedwetting without any negative side effects.

How Chiropractic Has Helped Others with Bedwetting

Chiropractic care has proven to be an effective solution to overcoming bedwetting. Several studies have been conducted with excellent results. One particular study was of a six-year-old boy with Autism who frequently wet the bed. During his examination, the chiropractor found spinal misalignments that they believed were the root cause of his nocturnal enuresis. After regular chiropractic adjustments, he had complete resolution of bedwetting, as well as improvement in his Autism. Another study was conducted on a boy who was nine years old and was dealing with nocturnal enuresis. After 7 visits to his chiropractor, he reported that he was no longer wetting the bed. When following up again after four months, his parents were happy to report that his bedwetting had completely resolved. Chiropractic offers hope for children who are affected by bedwetting. Dr. Dionne Anderson at Hand and Heart Chiropractic in Snellville is an experienced pediatric chiropractor who can help.

If you’re tired of seeing your child’s bedwetting embarrass them, interrupt their sleep, or hinder them from spending time with friends and family, contact Dr. Dionne Anderson at Hand and Heart Chiropractic. Not only does chiropractic care help with bedwetting, but it offers other great benefits for children as well! Dr. Dionne Anderson is conveniently located in Snellville, Georgia, and is delighted to serve the surrounding communities of Conyers, Centerville, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Lilburn, Grayson, and Stone Mountain.


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